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Newsroom Pakistan: Suno TV censors PTI leader Zartaj Gul's scarf featuring Imran KhanNewsroom Pakistan: Influencer Junaid Akram apologizes for paid promotion of Punjab GovernmentWorld: Libyan TV host Ahmed al-Sanussi arrested after reporting corruptionNewsroom Pakistan: Dictatorship and Drawing: Akhtar Shah's satirical journey through martial lawsNewsroom Pakistan: Absa Komal condemns sexist remarks during talk show appearanceWorld: Over 60 media and civil society organizations call for open access to GazaCensorship and career: Working as a journalist in the UAEAsia: Journalists face charges in India for reporting alleged police misconduct and mob lynchingNewsroom Pakistan: Paid Praise: How government endorsements by influencers violated ethical standardsAsia: Censorship in India: Media's battle for freedom under Prime Minister ModiNewsroom Pakistan: Anchor Ayesha Jahanzaib alleges abuse by husband, FIR filedWorld: Unveiling the future: How AI is reshaping global news reporting

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Welcome to the Archives page of, where you can explore a comprehensive collection of all stories published since 2012. Our archives serve as a valuable resource for readers and researchers alike, offering a rich history of journalistic content spanning various topics and events. Unfortunately, due to a devastating cyber attack, we lost the data from our first two years of operation, from our inception in 2009 to 2011.

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