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Asia: Press Emblem Campaign demands justice for reporter killed in Dhaka protestWorld: Russia sentences American journalist Evan Gershkovich to 16 years for espionageJSchool: From contacts to contracts: Media networking in PakistanNewsroom Pakistan: Anchor Ayesha Jahanzaib reconciles with husband, drops charges in courtNewsroom Pakistan: Police disrupt PFUJ meeting, arrest hotel manager in GujranwalaNewsroom Pakistan: Journalist Jahanzaib Ali stands firm after backlash over Pentagon questionDigital Connections: Exploring the impact of social media on mental healthWorld: Wall Street Journal fires Hong Kong Journalists Association's chairpersonNewsroom Pakistan: Arshad Sharif's widow reveals harrowing details of his torture and murderNewsroom Pakistan: Censorship concerns as 'Redline with Talat' fails to airWorld: Russia sentences journalist Masha Gessen to eight years in absentia on 'fake' news chargesWomen in Media: Tunisian commentator Sonia Dahmani sentenced to one year

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 Key Khyber News man resigns

Key Khyber News man resigns

 September 01, 2012

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