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Unidentified shooters kill daily Ausaf bureau chief Javed Khan in Swat     Scholarships available for mid-career journalists     Courage in Journalism Awards open for women journalists     Promises made for urgent government action to resolve media pay crisis     PFUJ, civil society and others reject Citizens Protection Rules     Senior journalist Fasih-ur-Rehman passes away     Kashmir journalist wins AFP's Kate Webb Prize for coverage of India's lockdown     Dawn welcomes PM's call for consultations on Citizens Protection Rules     Indian police open case against Kashmir social media users     CPJ calls for thorough probe into the murder of journalist Aziz Memon     DawnNews journalist seeks help in tracing culprits who attacked him    

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Lahore Union of Journalists

President: Ejaz Ahmad Butt
General Secretary: Sohail Ahmad Mughal
Phone: 03216951864

Larkana Union of Journalists

President : Ali Gul Sangi
Secretary General : Nazir Siyal
Vice President: Mohammed Ali Behleem
City : Larkana
Phone : 0321-3434158
Email :

Multan Union of Journlists

President : Rana Pervez Hameed
Secretary General : Mazhar Khan
Vice President :
City : Multan
Phone : 03076667431
Email :

Pakistan Union of Journalists

President : M. Atif Khan
Secretary General : Gulzar Khan
Vice President : Rizwan Ahmad
City :Islamabad
Phone : 00331778819

Pir Jo Goth Union of Journalists

President: Qamaruddin
Secretary General: Islamuddin
Vice President: Akhtar Ali
City: Pir Jo Goth
Phone: 03009367708-03138096799

Punjab Union of Journalists

President: RanaAzeem
Ph: 0300-9457413
General Secretary: WaseemFarooq

Rawalpindi-Islamabad Union of Journalists (D)

President: Asghar Shad
Secretary General: Sharjeel Amjad Rao
Vice Presidents: Waqar Zaidi, Faisal Khan, Syed Qaiser
Phone: +923335101937

Rawalpindi-Islamabad Union of Journalists (RIUJ)

President: Afzal Butt
General Secretary: Bilal Dar

Regional Union of Journalists Punjab

President : Shafqat Hussain Gillani
Secretary General : Abid Hussain Mughal
City : Lahore/Okara
Phone : 03457520613

Sukkur Union of Journalists (I)

President: Irfan Shaikh
Secretary General: Perwiaz Khan
Vice President: Mehtab Ansari
City: Sukkur
Phone : 0301-8311887 and 0300-9315079
Email :
Other Detail: Affiliated with PFUJ

Swat Union of Journalists

President: Mehboob Ali
General Secretary: Niaz Ahmed Khan

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