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Dawn blasts PEMRA for foolish action     Here's how some journalists see the change at ISPR     Dawn slams Faisal Vawda for boot theatrics     Police raid Cairo offices of Turkish Anadolu News Agency, arrest at least four     Zaffar Abbas terms PEMRA ban on ARY show an attack on press freedom     Minister's antics in talk show draw criticism     Salim Bokhari and his team join City News Network     The Nation promotes Salman Masood as editor     Assistant Editor of Jang Shams Rizvi passes away     The Nation Editor Salim Bokhari and his newsroom team quit    

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How a paper was shut down 50 years ago

With hundreds of newspapers, TV channels and FM radio stations, Pakistani media today report everything under the sun – well almost everything. And there is no fear of being permanently closed down, save for financial reasons.

Everyone’s views get space in print and

Daily Dose By Bikram Vohra

Bikram Vohra Uncle woes: Riveting tales about when Rs 10 was the dinner bill for two

You know that time has done the dirty on you when you sound like your parents and their parents as you go about switching off lights and other sundry appliances and talking about money growing on trees and why is there no one who sees the waste ...Read more...


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On December 25, 1952, The Evening Times (later Times of Karachi) published a front-page editorial and a cartoon accusing the government of plunging the country into chaos. On December 30 Z A Suleri, printer publisher Khurshid Alam, and cartoonist N.M. Katpal were arrested on charges of sedition.