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APNS seeks relief package from government     Emergency law in Thailand will further erode press freedom: IFJ     Honor for journalist Zeeshan Javaid     PFUJ demands safety of media workers amid Coronavirus outbreak     PFUJ condemns beating up of journalists by security personnel     PEMRA tells media houses to conduct shows without inviting gathering     Indian-held Kashmir unable to access COVID-19 information online     Mir Shakil wants protests to press for his release called off     Senior tribal journalist Sailab Mehsud passes away     Usman Buzdar serves legal notice on Dawn Resident Editor Fahd Husain    

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Workshop trekkies and online mullahs

Absolutely positively confident that you must have been bamboozled by the headline. I apologize. Let me say from the very get go that neither have anything in common other than plenty of time on their hands.

But first of all, a 'workshop trekkie' is somebody who flits f Read more...

Daily Dose By Bikram Vohra

Bikram Vohra Uncle woes: Riveting tales about when Rs 10 was the dinner bill for two

You know that time has done the dirty on you when you sound like your parents and their parents as you go about switching off lights and other sundry appliances and talking about money growing on trees and why is there no one who sees the waste ...Read more...


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On 2 April 1992, magazine Viewpoint, brought out by Mazhar Ali Khan, was closed down.