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Satire Fest brings together oldies and youth     Express Tribune sides with Bahria Town and criticizes Dawn     Veteran broadcaster Surriya Shahab passes away     Turkey frees five Cumhuriyet newspaper staffers     Najam Sethi says curbs on Pakistani media unprecedented     The Friday Jr. Column: Four reasons not to watch the news     Only 12 percent people believe Pakistan has no media freedom: poll     Grants for photojournalists available     Knight-Wallace Fellowship accepting applications     Eritrea, North Korea, Turkmenistan top CPJ's 10 most censored list    

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Journalists and fellowship antics

The general perception in the journalistic community in Pakistan is that the difficult part is managing to wangle a fellowship in a Western country, be it through the right connections, being at the right place at the right time, getting lucky, calling in a favor or blackmailing your way  Read more...

Daily Dose By Bikram Vohra

Bikram Vohra Mind your language

I was teaching a class the other day and sharing my favorite 'isms' from back home with the students. Like, 'I am not remembering it.' Because 'it is not coming in my mind.' Maybe because 'sleep is coming'. There ...Read more...


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The Orient Press of India, a newswire founded by Syed Mohammad in 1942, was closed down in 1948 (The Press in Chains - Zamir Jafri).