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Plan for media courts sparks fears for press freedom     PM's special assistant alleges Arif Hameed Bhatti is a drunkard     CPJ concerned about Pakistan media court initiative     Bahria Town serves defamation notice on Dawn, claims Express Tribune     IJU goes to court over internet shutdown in occupied Kashmir     Cyril Almeida back on Dawn op-ed pages     RIUJ stages protest against sackings at GNN     IFJ and PFUJ condemn murder of Dawn journalist     Satire Fest brings together oldies and youth     Express Tribune sides with Bahria Town and criticizes Dawn    

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More to him than meets the eye

In recent times he’s interviewed President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, Assistant Secretary for South and Central Asian Affairs Richard A. Boucher and controversial former Pakistan Ambassador to the US Husain Haqqani.

He’s also shown great i

Daily Dose By Bikram Vohra

Bikram Vohra Mind your language

I was teaching a class the other day and sharing my favorite 'isms' from back home with the students. Like, 'I am not remembering it.' Because 'it is not coming in my mind.' Maybe because 'sleep is coming'. There ...Read more...


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In 1957 a private news agency Pakistan Press Association (PPA), which came to be known as Pakistan Press International (PPI), was set up.