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Kurt Schork Memorial Fund accepting submissions     Persephone Miel Fellowships for journalists open     IFJ, SEAJU concerned over authoritarian clampdown in Southeast Asia     Mexican journalists protest over colleague's murder     Iran bans printing of all newspapers citing spread of coronavirus     Myanmar editor faces life in prison for publishing interview with insurgent group     Jang Group publisher Mir Javed-ur-Rahman passes away     PFUJ concerned over disappearance of Pakistani journalist Sajid Hussain in Sweden     All jailed journalists must be freed amid COVID-19 pandemic: CPJ     IFJ calls for dropping case against journalist Azhar-ul-Haq Wahid    

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TV anchors and their wicked, wicked ways

Gone are the days when actors were the sole participants in the race for the ‘No. 1’ position for attention. Television anchors today are very much part of this game but in a different way; they don’t dare claim their ambitions as openly as actors, but do get their messa Read more...

Daily Dose By Bikram Vohra

Bikram Vohra Uncle woes: Riveting tales about when Rs 10 was the dinner bill for two

You know that time has done the dirty on you when you sound like your parents and their parents as you go about switching off lights and other sundry appliances and talking about money growing on trees and why is there no one who sees the waste ...Read more...


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