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Former editor of The Muslim Salamat Ali passes away     Union leaders condemn raid on Karachi Press Club and arrest of journalist     Najam Sethi back with a provocative promo     Bajaur Press Club closed for an indefinite period     More tough days ahead for journalism in Pakistan, sacked Matiullah tells DW     CNN sues Trump administration     Israeli air strikes destroy TV building in Gaza     Op-ed editor of Express Tribune Robin Fernandez passes away     Journalists displeased with suspension of Afrasiab Khattak and Bushra Gohar's membership    

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Waseem Tarar

Country/City : Ghakhar Mandi, Pakistan
Organization :
Designation : Columnist
Experience : Waseem Tarar is Urdu Columnist, Political Analyst. He was born in Nat Kalan on March 1, 1997. He Studied Political Science in Islamia college Gujranwala. His column appears regularly in Daily Pakistan.
Beat :
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