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Journalist Aaliya Shah authors new book titled 'Imran Khan and Naya Pakistan'     Journalist Mariana Baabar irritated by Imran Khan's dress and uncombed hair     Investigative Journalist shot dead in Ghana     Journalists hammer outgoing chief justice     E-magazine Editor Shahzad Badar serves legal notice on APP     Shaheen Sehbai blasts Mujeeb-ur-Rahman Shami     PFUJ condemns district bureaucracy for conspiring to demolish Sukkur Press Club     Minister appreciates National Press Club's reported operation clean-up against fake journalists     Iran jails journalist for six years over critical writing     Freedom Network welcomes information minister's statement    

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Waseem Tarar

Country/City : Ghakhar Mandi, Pakistan
Organization :
Designation : Columnist
Experience : Waseem Tarar is Urdu Columnist, Political Analyst. He was born in Nat Kalan on March 1, 1997. He Studied Political Science in Islamia college Gujranwala. His column appears regularly in Daily Pakistan.
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Newspapers vs anchors

Came across this interesting piece about how technology has changed our everyday life in so many ways in what we do or no longer do, or do differently.

It got me pondering about how we no longer use bulky cameras but smart phones to take and send pictures to our friends and fam Read more...

Daily Dose By Bikram Vohra

Bikram Vohra Lobster or grass? Be careful of those romantic anniversary dinner deals for two

Seeing as how it was Rohit my nephew and Ritika’s wedding anniversary I took it for granted dinner at their place. I asked what time are we expected only to be told by my wife in witheringly wifely tones no one is invited, they are going ...Read more...


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Salamat Ali, a Pakistani correspondent of the Hong Kong-based Far Eastern Review, was sentenced to one-year by a military tribunal on 29 November 1979 in Rawalpindi. Arrested on 13 November, Mr Ali, 45, was brought to the military court in chains where a major passed the sentence. The reporter was found guilty for writing an article – An Upheaval is Forecast – on the volatile situation of Balochistan. It was published on 19 October 1979.