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US, UN must probe Saudi crown prince role in 'extrajudicial killing' of Khashoggi: report     24 News shuts down Peshawar bureau, sacks staff     PEMRA bans BOL News program Meri Jang for 30 days for airing hate speech.     Press freedom in Mexico takes center stage at CPJ summit     Government complains to BBC over 'biased' story     Minister's presser live streamed with cat whiskers, ears     Sami Abraham seeks registration of FIR against minister     Chairman Azm Media Group Rehmat Ali Razi dies of heart failure     Journalists attacked allegedly by land grabber's accomplices     Minister for Science Fawad Chaudhary slaps Sami Abraham during a wedding in Faisalabad    

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Waseem Tarar

Country/City : Ghakhar Mandi, Pakistan
Organization :
Designation : Columnist
Experience : Waseem Tarar is Urdu Columnist, Political Analyst. He was born in Nat Kalan on March 1, 1997. He Studied Political Science in Islamia college Gujranwala. His column appears regularly in Daily Pakistan.
Beat :
Profile Viewed : 1980 times

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In 1952-53 a total of 50 newspapers were warned for publishing "objectionable matter or violation of press laws."