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RIUJ president joins Jehan Group

RIUJ president joins Jehan Group
November 02, 2012

ISLAMABAD: Senior reporter Waqar Satti has quit Express News TV and joined the yet-to-be published Urdu newspaper Jehan-e-Pakistan.

Satti, who is also the president of Rawalpindi-Islamabad Union of Journalists (RIUJ) was with the Express News for five years.

Earlier in September, Rana Qaisar, former resident editor of Daily Times and Pakistan Today joined the newspaper as editor reporting.

Mahmood Sham heads the publication as the group editor with Rana Tahir the senior editor.

The Jehan Group of Publications of the University of Lahore also intends to launch an English-language newspaper and a television channel later.

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Those damn press releases

Be it a newspaper or news channel newsroom, in this particular scenario the reaction is always the same: "Not another bloody press release" or "Bhain---d!! Yeh kahan say ah tapka (Where the f--- did this come from)?!!”

Yes, those press releases are the ban

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