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Tribune may sue Statesman

Tribune may sue Statesman
June 24, 2012

PESHAWAR: The Express Tribune plans to serve a legal notice on The Statesman for plagiarizing their content.

The Statesman, a daily from Peshawar run by the Mashriq Group of Newspapers, reproduced a story originally published by The Express Tribune on June 22.

The Tribune story titled “Ephedrine case: PHC grants 7-day protective bail to Shahbuddin’ was filed by Umer Farooq, the newspaper’s Peshawar correspondent. It first went up on

However, much to everyone’s surprise, The Statesman reproduced that story under the byline of their reporter Rahimullah Shah. (

Those in the know of this development tell the Tribune Editor Kamal Siddiqui has been informed of this matter and initiating legal action is being considered.

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