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PEMRA serves notices on ARY News, two others     Activists arrested under cyber law in Bangladesh     Nai Baat Network pays staff four salaries in one month     Nigeria charges editor under cybercrimes, terrorism acts     IFJ welcomes closure of case against Shahzeb Jillani     Fake news rampant after Sri Lanka attacks     Tallal Chaudhry's misogynist comment angers journalists     UNESCO boss condemns murders of Pakistani journalists     Journalist Agha Akbar passes away     Dawn comments on a complete disregard of journalistic ethics    

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Rashid Dar


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Country/City : Islamabad
Organization : Akhbar-e-Punjab, Shashca Newspaper,
Designation : Columnist
Experience : 5 years
Beat : Beat: Current Affairs
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Our media's embarrassing degeneration

Certainly there are more reporters and journalists now than when I was in active journalism. But this doesn’t necessarily mean more is better. On the contrary, it has proved just the opposite. An indication of just how much the quality of Pakistan’s media has degenerated since th Read more...

Daily Dose By Bikram Vohra

Bikram Vohra Doing the dirty and you are helpless

Has it ever happened to you that you are staying with relatives and friends in their city for a few days and having a good time and then…

You nudge your husband (or wife) in the guest room and say there is some money missing o ...Read more...


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Salamat Ali, a Pakistani correspondent of the Hong Kong-based Far Eastern Review, was sentenced to one-year by a military tribunal on 29 November 1979 in Rawalpindi. Arrested on 13 November, Mr Ali, 45, was brought to the military court in chains where a major passed the sentence. The reporter was found guilty for writing an article – An Upheaval is Forecast – on the volatile situation of Balochistan. It was published on 19 October 1979.