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IFJ calls for payment of wages to Pakistani journalists     Geo News blocked amid prime minister's visit to US     Friends and colleagues remember Idrees Bakhtiar and Anil Datta     TRACE Investigative Reporting Fellowship     Daniel Pearl Fellowship seeks applications     Alfred Friendly Fellowship for journalists open     Study finds Pakistan a high-risk country in terms of media pluralism     Radio journalist murdered in Afghanistan     Grants for investigative journalism available     Gwen Ifill Press Freedom Award for Dawn Editor Zaffar Abbas    

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Rashid Dar


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Country/City : Islamabad
Organization : Akhbar-e-Punjab, Shashca Newspaper,
Designation : Columnist
Experience : 5 years
Beat : Beat: Current Affairs
Profile Viewed : 1708 times
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TV anchors and their wicked, wicked ways

Gone are the days when actors were the sole participants in the race for the ‘No. 1’ position for attention. Television anchors today are very much part of this game but in a different way; they don’t dare claim their ambitions as openly as actors, but do get their messa Read more...

Daily Dose By Bikram Vohra

Bikram Vohra Entering a five-star super luxury hotel

Nothing scares me more than entering a five-star super luxury hotel. It’s a claustrophobic. Three people open the car door, one of them a mandatory seven-foot tall bouncer in livery with a bristling mustache (intended to make you feel war ...Read more...


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On 20 December 1972 Radio Pakistan was made a statutory organization - Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC).