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Ansar Abbasi spots 'vulgarity and obscenity' on TV, calls on PEMRA to act     Indian newspaper The Telegraph lays off 35 employees     Senior photojournalist Gulshan Aziz passes away     Ansar Naqvi's death saddens journalists, others     Journalist withdraws decision to self-immolate     Director Programming of 24 News Ansar Naqvi killed in PIA plane crash     Police in Srinagar summon digital magazine's founding editor     This isn't breaking news, 'just simple tickers'     RIUJ distributes Eid gifts among women journalists     APP journalist Ijaz Ahmed attacked, injured in Peshawar    

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Rashid Dar


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Country/City : Islamabad
Organization : Akhbar-e-Punjab, Shashca Newspaper,
Designation : Columnist
Experience : 5 years
Beat : Beat: Current Affairs
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Time to get a khoka

Ran into one of the younger guys I once mentored at a news channel. He was a participant in one of those workshops that have become all the rage these days. I was there as a skeptical observer looking for yet more reasons to blast all this nonsense about so-called professional enhancement Read more...

Daily Dose By Bikram Vohra

Bikram Vohra Coronavirus: In this time of crisis, sleep is your best buddy

As we move into the second week of the stay-home directive, many of us must be discovering a new inner self, and how much we take for granted and miss it sorely when it is gone.

Yes indeed, while one pines for the weekend and the lat ...Read more...


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