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PCB confirms IMG Reliance not to live produce PSL matches     Najam Sethi quits AAP     Rizwan Razi reveals all in a television interview     Information minister inaugurates Arab News Pakistan bureau     Dawn journalist terms ministry's sectarian profiling unfortunate     Proposed Nepal legislation muzzles free speech on social media     France to tighten online bullying laws after 'boys' club' scandal     News editor among 20 staffers sacked by Ausaf     New copyright directive makes a mockery of authors' rights of journalists     Philippine journalist released on bail after arrest causes outcry    

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Rashid Dar


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Country/City : Islamabad
Organization : Akhbar-e-Punjab, Shashca Newspaper,
Designation : Columnist
Experience : 5 years
Beat : Beat: Current Affairs
Profile Viewed : 1554 times
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Nothing quite like The Muslim

They come and they go, but no English daily has quite had the legend-like impact of The Muslim (1978-1999). Despite better technology and information network capability and capacity, not The News, The Frontier Post, Daily Times, The Post, The Express Tri Read more...

Daily Dose By Bikram Vohra

Bikram Vohra Lobster or grass? Be careful of those romantic anniversary dinner deals for two

Seeing as how it was Rohit my nephew and Ritika’s wedding anniversary I took it for granted dinner at their place. I asked what time are we expected only to be told by my wife in witheringly wifely tones no one is invited, they are going ...Read more...


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Zamir Qureshi, news manager PPI (then PPA), Lahore, was shot dead by unknown assailants in January 1965.