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Goodbye girl

Bikram Vohra
July 23, 2013

Anyone who has been to our home in Safa over the past 17 years knew Precious, our little all over the place with her heart in the right place doll of a dog. She left us a few hours ago, aged 100 by human years and 20 and sprightly by our measure.

Presh, as we called her, went like she lived, quietly and with great dignity. She sort of slipped the surly bonds of earth late in the afternoon, her big eyes looking at us soulfully like dude, what the heck is this, where’s dinner.


And then she was gone. Those huge eyes closed forever.

And we cried a lot and laughed a little because that is the story of love.

And even as we said goodbye to someone who was family when these married kids were in school and I had my hair, we promise that we will bring in another, whatever breed, it doesn’t matter, we promise, we promise, we promise we’ll pass the baton to the next generation and we can hear her say, do that guys but make sure breakfast is on time.

Miss you girl. Always. And thanks for being with us And making us this happy.

(The writer is a Senior Editorial Advisor of Khaleej Times and the paper’s former Editor. He has also been the Editor of Gulf News, Gulf Today, Emirates Today and Bahrain Tribune)


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Ahmed Ali Khan, former editor-in-chief of Dawn, died in Karachi on 13 March 2007. Born in 1924 in Bhopal, his association with Dawn began in Delhi in 1946 and ended in Karachi in 2004. He also served as editor of the Pakistan Times, Lahore. He was with Dawn for nearly 42 years — 28 of them as editor/chief editor.

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