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BOL launch delayed     IFJ demands release of ARY reporter     An intrepid journalist: Dawn pays tributes to Majid Nizami     Hamid Mir set to return after murderous attack     Kamran Khan joins Geo bitter rival BOL     Case against Geo over sacrilegious content quashed    

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BOL launch delayed

ISLAMABAD: BOL News Television launch has been delayed until October, a source says.


The channel that is promising a media revolution and claiming it will be No. 1 the day it hits the airwaves had been eyeing a launch on August 14.


However, due to several administrative reasons its arrival has been put back.


BOL Media Group recently hire

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BOL launch delayed

IFJ demands release of ARY reporter

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) joins its affiliate Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) in urging the Afghanistan government to pardon the Pakistani journalist jailed for crossing the border into Afghanistan without complete documentation.


Faizullah Khan, a reporter with ARY News, was arrested in April by Afghan security forces in Nangarhar province and on July 12 was sentenced to four years in jail fo

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IFJ demands release of ARY reporter

An intrepid journalist: Dawn pays tributes to Majid Nizami

ISLAMABAD: Dawn on Sunday said that Majid Nizami, the Editor-in-Chief of Nawa-i-Waqt group of newspapers, was an intrepid journalist and his death has left a bog void in Pakistan's media scene.


"Mr Nizami worked tirelessly to advance the political causes in which he believed. He established a number of new ventures in Urdu and English after he took over the Urdu daily Nawa-i-Waqt following the death in 1962

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An intrepid journalist: Dawn pays tributes to Majid Nizami

Hamid Mir set to return after murderous attack

ISLAMABAD: Geo Television's talk show host Hamid Mir who survived a murderous attack is set to return to the screen just over three months after being shot six times.


Mir will go on air on the first day of Eid with his once popular program Capital Talk.


According to an advert in The News on Sunday, the program will be shown at 8:05pm daily Monday through Thursday.

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Hamid Mir set to return after murderous attack

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Kamran Khan joins Geo bitter rival BOL

ISLAMABAD: With Geo Television still reeling from recent troubles comes the news that its heavyweight anchor Kamran Khan has joined rival BOL Media Group as President

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Case against Geo TV over sacrilegious content quashed

KARACHI: A case against Geo Television for airing a program deemed blasphemous has been quashed by an anti-terrorism court, according to a report in View comments | Read more...

Doyen of journalism Majid Nizami dies

LAHORE: Editor-in-chief and publisher of Nawa-i-Waqt, Majid Nizami has died in Lahore following a heart ailment. He was 86.


He had been in

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Al Jazeera journalist jailed in Egypt to appeal: family

SYDNEY: One of the Al Jazeera journalists jailed in Egypt last month for up to 10 years on charges of aiding a terrorist organization will appeal his conviction, the f

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Israeli forces must be held accountable for attacks on journalists in Gaza, says IFJ

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) has joined increasing international calls for the Israeli government and its forces to be held accountable for the

Why did Kamran Khan part ways with Geo?

ISLAMABAD: In a shocking television transmission that stunned the Pakistani viewers all around the world, distinguished Geo TV anchor, Kamran Khan

Once mighty Geo dealt another blow as Kamran Khan quits

ISLAMABAD: The struggling Geo Television was dealt another blow Thursday when prominent anchor Kamran Khan announced he was quitting the channel.

Ameer Abbas resigns from Waqt, joins DawnNews

ISLAMABAD: Ameer Abbas, host of program 'Assignment' on Waqt News Television has quit after two years and has now joined DawnNews.


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